The Next Normal: Digitalization of Traditional Businesses, Its Future and Potential Pitfalls

Can you believe it, we are almost at the end of 2020 already! The biggest takeaway we learnt this year is the rapid shift in digital adoption at all fronts, especially amongst businesses as a result of the impact of COVID-19. As we head into 2021, it is time to reset and think big to transform business operations to match new customer expectations as well as to future-proof themselves for the next normal.

Boost warmly invites you to join us for the first of ‘The Next Normal’ virtual roundtable series. Livestreamed for you to conveniently join the conversation online, this series aims to take a deep dive into various aspects of the digital ecosystem and accelerated transformation we have experienced this year, and how they would evolve next year and beyond.

For this inaugural roundtable, we will focus on the topic of Digitalization of Traditional Businesses – what the future holds and the potential pitfalls and we have the following esteemed panelists – Dato’ Ng Wan Peng, COO of MDEC, Mr. CS Chin, National Vice President of SME Association of Malaysia and En. Mohd Khairil Abdullah, CEO of Boost.

They will take a dive into discussing whether the country’s digital ecosystem can support the continued migration of offline commerce to online; how to tackle potential oversaturation and the challenges businesses may face; and ensuring inclusivity particularly for micro businesses as well as their ability to thrive in a digital economy that would seem foreign to traditionally cash-based businesses.

Kindly click on this link to watch this webminar: