About Us


We create a highly supportive environment for technology companies to build their business and pool their ideas, experiences and efforts


“We believe tech-based entrepreneurs are the vital agents of positive and transformational changes across every aspect of our society and economy. The strength and ability of Asian entrepreneurs are getting more mature and increase in depth, hence we start with a mission in assisting them to grow globally. We believe deeply that the most transformative companies in the future will come from the Asian region, particularly Southeast Asia.”


Global Vision

To gain recognition as one of the most influential venture capital in transforming, securitizing and internationalizing Asia technology companies both at local level and abroad.​


To create a highly supportive environment for technology companies to build their business and pool their ideas, experiences and efforts together by placing the welfare of the shareholders above everything else and continuously discovering opportunities for them to grow beyond the shores of Asia.​



  • To spearhead, promote & encourage development of resources, professional skills and programs in technology companies within the Southeast Asia community.
  • To represent the Asia technology companies and be the voice of the ICT industry to the Government and private sector both local and overseas.
  • To provide a platform for technology industry players and users to meet, network, learn and share ideas in order to bring the industry to the next level.
  • To foster high standards of conduct, service and performance throughout the Asia technology industry.
  • To promote and market Asia technology services to the region and overseas.

What is SEATech Ventures?

SEATech Ventures is a unique platform pools together talents that equipped with technical, market developmental and financial expertises. We help projects and emerging growth companies in the Asia region to monetize, capitalize and securitize their value on a global scale.

Emerging growth companies invest in us through membership subscription

Members may receive additional monetary value from its investment with us

Hence, generating value in return compare with traditional approach

Solving Market Shortcomings

Using various strategies and resources, SEATech Ventures fills in gaps and provides solutions for problems that are present in the current and forthcoming market.

Our Competitive Advantage

The team of SEATech Ventures has years of venture history and experience at your disposal which includes highly valuable network to draw from at any point of time.


Public Listing and IPO Management Experience


Industrial Experience Mentorship


Track Records and Licenses
Listed more than 40 companies

Business Acumen

Unleashing the Value

Our Approach #1

Our Approach #2

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