Taking ASEAN Tech Companies Global

SEATech Ventures Corporation aims to become ASEAN’s biggest Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) by helping tech companies and startups in the region grow exponentially by providing them skills and capital so that they can shine on the global stage.

In the early 20th century the mass adoption of technology such as electricity, telephone, radio, television, modern transportation such as cars, aeroplane, etc, completely changed people’s lives forever. Just when people thought if it could get any better, it did! Internet and the World Wide Web ushered in the era of the Information Age and the world has never been the same since.

The Information Age has changed people’s lives from all over the globe dramatically. The smart phone and the Internet have changed people even in the most rural areas. Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram have changed how people communicate, acquire knowledge and do business. In Asia, especially companies like Alibaba, Lazada and Grab have had tremendous impact on people’s life.

Which company will bring a new technology or business idea that will take the world by storm? So far, many of the game changing technology companies have come from the Silicon Valley in the United States. But studies show that the future of the Internet is in Asia, especially in the ASEAN region. ASEAN has 600 million people of whom 60% are of ages 15-34. By 2030 it will become the fourth largest economy. By the end of 2019, SEA will become a bigger Internet market than the United States with 460 million Internet users.

“SEATech Ventures is ASEAN’s first venture capital corporation which provides a unique platform that pools together talents that are equipped with technical, market development and financial expertise.”


Experts predict that the most transformative tech companies in the future will come from Asia and especially ASEAN. Unfortunately, most of the tech companies and startups in ASEAN have difficulties in not knowing how to get more funding or lack business know how on how to expand their business within the region and globally.

Good news for such companies because now there’s SEATech Ventures, (also known as Southeast Asia Technology Ventures), ASEAN’s first venture capital corporation that serves as a unique platform that pools together talents that are equipped with technical, market development and financial expertise. SEATech helps tech entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies and startups in the ASEAN region monetise, capitalise and securitise their value on a global scale. The company will “incubate, nurture, accelerate, support, grow and expand” these companies so that they will spearhead the technology development in the ASEAN region, resulting in an eco-system where they become more structured and matured to unlock the potential of this region and turn this into one of the world’s top tech super hubs. SEATech aims to become one of the most influential venture capital companies in transforming, securitising and internationalising ASEAN technology companies at a local level and abroad.


Among the objectives of the company is to spearhead, promote and encourage the development of resources, professional skills and programs in technology companies within the Southeast Asia community. It will also serve as a platform for technology industry players and users to meet, network, learn and share ideas so that the industry can be brought to the next level. The company will also foster high standards of conduct, service and performance throughout the ASEAN technology industry.


Companies that join the SEATech platform by investing in the company via membership subscriptions enjoy many benefits such as mentorship through its corporate leadership programmes and its abundance of resources. Other benefits include invitations to social and networking events that bring together thought leaders of entrepreneurship around the world; opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, promotional events that showcase industry expertise during key cross countries SEA Tech events and receive discounted corporate services for company structure set up and IPO listing fee. Members are also introduced to matchmaking opportunities with the region’s most innovative startups.

SEATech is planning to list on Nasdaq in the near future in order to maximise its shareholder values. SEATech offers an excellent opportunity for tech companies in the region to have a presence in Nasdaq via its platform.

SEATech is led by Chin Chee Seong, Chief Executive Officer, Sean Seah, Chief Investment Officer and Tan Hock Chye, Chief Financial Officer. The team has a very strong ICT background and are also members of PIKOM, where they hold important positions in the committees. PIKOM is a member of ASOCIO (Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organisation) and also a member of the World Information Technology and Service Alliance (WITSA), a consortium of 73 ICT industry associations from economies around the world. WITSA members represent over 90% of the world IT market.